Tulare Youth Service Bureau (TYSB) is a private non-profit children's mental health provider, contracted with the Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency.  Our program takes children with Tulare County Medi-Cal, and for client's with no insurance, there is a Uniform Method of Determining the Ability to Pay  (UMDAP, or sliding fee scale).  Grant funding is also available for some clients with issues related to sexual abuse through United Way, CAPIT, and Children in Need. Unfortunately, not all children will meet the criteria to be seen at this particular agency.  We are not able to see children that have private health insurance.  When a referral is made, the intake coordinator will refer to an appropriate source for services as needed if we are unable to see them at this agency.  Most, if not all children in the Tulare County Child Welfare System will qualify for an assessment as they have Tulare County Medi-Cal.  Children with "out of county" Medi-cal will be referred to a Value Options provider.

All referrals should be first submitted to our main office in Tulare, phone number 688-2043. TYSB990 report is available by clicking here.